New recording is coming


We look forward to the recording ‘RADICAL RISK’ of Beat Love Oracle with the excellent pianist Liang-yu Wang. We hope to let you enjoy this album in the autumn.

Piano sonatas


The integral piano sonatas (24) will be performed on 27, 28 and 29 September

Streaming Cambio madre por moto


Frank Nuyts’ chamber opera ‘Cambio madre por moto’ on a libretto by Rosa Montero will be streamed by opera vision until 15 September. You can (re)watch it via this link.

Welcome to my new site


Here I’m again. Hacked last year, resurrected now by Iris and the web builders. The result is a new site, in bright colors, about a guy living for 45 years in front of his screen (and formerly above large sheets of paper). Only the last 5 years are yet documented, but the lists of compositions […]

Beat Love Oracle and other works online

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In GC ‘De Kriekelaar’ with the support of the Flemish Government, vzw Hardscore recorded 4 concerts which are now online. Beat Love Oracleplays old ánd new songs ‘Lichaamsvreemd’a world premiere with poems of Jana Arns, 3 pianosonatesperformed by Keiko Shichijo,Elisa Medinilla and Barbara Baltussen. Trio Khaldeiwith 2 trios by myself and M.Ravel. Thanks to all […]

Trio Apsara plays ‘Heute is Unser’

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On Sunday 30th of May trio Apsara plays an online concert from the ‘Abdij Van Dielegem. Apsara (Tomma Wessel, Katelijne Lanneau and Ines Rasbach) perform ‘En attendant’ with ‘Heute its Unser'(2020) by Frank Nuyts. This concert is part of the online theme day. It’s free but please sign in here. FRANK NUYTS

Tyl Uilenspiegel once different

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The ensemble OXALYS brings the premiere of ‘Tijl Uylenspiegel’ on Saturday 26 June 2021 at 5PM. in Brussels. A theater performance with music written by Frank Nuyts. The director is Luk De Bruyker. Location: Espace Lumen, Boondaelsesteenweg 32-36 – Brussels. ! This performance is only on invitation. Later on, the performance will be played on […]

Beat Love Oracle recorded!

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Last week Beat Love Oracle recorded new songs in ‘GC De Kriekelaar’ in Brussels. It was a wonderful time for the band. Great recordings but also a lot of fun…

After our tour, again in Ghent

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On the 19th of September at 5/30PM, Beat Love Oracle gives a live concert ! More details and information via this LINK. Hopefully we see each other over there!

Extended Music Collective in Deinze

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On the 12th of December at 10/30AM, EMC performs ‘A whistleblower’s tale’ by Frank Nuyts. A piece for flute and harp. This concert takes place in ‘het Leietheater’ Deinze in cooperation with Borrelnootjes (KADE) Click HERE for more info Hopefully we see each other over there! (Photo: Lien Coppens)