Solo (other instruments)


60 is just a number (2023)

for oboe solo (2’30”)

Commissioned by Kristien Ceuppens

Dedicated to Piet Van Bockstal

Hunting the opposites (2022)

(for two timbales (Cuban drums) (6′)

Dedicated to Jeff Nuyttens

(a)Mid-time (2022)

(oboe and jingles) (6’10”)

Commissioned by Piet Van Bockstal

Dedicated to Kristien Ceuppens

This ain’t fake (2022)

(harp) (15′)

Commissioned by Stef Van Vynckt

Dedicated to Jean-Pierre Vanhee and Martine De Groote

Canto Catartico (2021)

(Contrabas flute) (9′)

Commissioned by and dedicated to Ned McGowan.

Tree score (book 3) (2020)

(mar) (20-23’)

Dedicated to Noah and Anouk

(published by HRDSCR Editions)

Tree score (book 2) (2019)

(mar) (20-23’)

Dedicated to Mark Janse

(published by HRDSCR Editions)

Tree score (book 1)

(mar) (20-22’)

Dedicated to Luc Leybaert

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Totu su mundo est paesu (2019)

(clar solo) (20’)

Commissioned by Raf De Keninck

Dedicated to Daniel Gazon

Code buster (2019)

(ob solo) (25’)

Commissioned by and composed for Piet Van Bockstal

Dedicated to Darius Blasband

M.A.blast (2009)

(For organ ) (7’30)

Commissioned by Johan Huys for Musica Antiqua

Competition organ Bruges Dedicated to Boudewijn Buckinx

De tous biens playne (2008)

(mar.solo) (16ʹ)

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Dedicated to and composed for Nozomi Abe

Two quartertone pieces don’t make a half one (2007)

(for a mechanical quartertone organ) (9’15”)

Commissioned by Logos Foundation

Dedicated to Godfried Willem Raes

Empty music (2004)

(marimba solo) (9’30”)

Published by HRDSCR editions

Composed and warmly dedicated to Eric Cha-Beach (USA)

Button Music (2001)

(51 jingles for a CD rom) (9’)

Commissioned by Hogeschool Gent

Sex, age and aria for a sexagenarian (1996)

(snare drum – pno – tape) (1’)

Commissioned for Claude Coppens 60

Sticks and grooves (1994)

(perc) (9’)

Commissioned by Wim Konink

La Pamplona (1988)

(for marimba) (3ʹ)

Commissioned by Robert Van Sice Published by HRDSCR


Les angoisses de Cynthiçan (1984)

(tape ) (11’)

Commissioned by Ipem Ghent

Muziek aan de (m)ether) (1983)

For violin

Dedicated to Boudewijn Buckinx

Solo for flute from Sonivers II (1980)

fl (3ʹ)

Commissioned by Eric Dequeker

Hommage à… (1978)

For one percussionist (3’)

Sabbristie (1978)

(perc ) (5’)

Commissioned by Herman Sabbe for Yang