(30 years)Out on a limb (2023)

for fl,,mar.solo,pno,vl,vla,vlc (11′-12′)

Commissioned by Filip Rathé

Dedicated to Spectra Ensemble for its 30th birthday

Trip the light fantastic (2018)

Concertino for (young) mar solo &2fl 2ob cl bcl 3hrn 2 trp 3trb

timp 2 perc strings (7’)

Also marimba and piano reduction

Commissioned by and dedicated to Acorde Kade Deinze

Tumbleweed (2012)

Concerto for cello and orchestra (20’)

(2fl-ob-CA-cl-bcl-2bsn-4hrn-2trp-trb-btrb-tb-timp-2perc-pno-hrp-vcl solo strings

Commissioned by Tom Landschoot and SOV (Symfonie orkest

Vlaanderen) Dedicated to Tom Landschoot

Innocence in admiration(2008)

Concerto for piano and ensemble

(ob-bsn-hrn-perc-pno solo-vl-vla-vcl-db) (20ʹ)

Commissioned by Conservatory Ghent and Emanon Ensemble

Strings of Memories (1998) (withdrawn)

For amplified violoncello, woodwind quintet and strings

Commissioned by Rudolf Werthen and France Springuel and

the ensemble ‘I Fiamminghi’

Dedicated to Kamagurka (Luk Zeebroeck)

Orchestration of ‘Updated Memories’

Woodnotes (1987)

Concerto for marimba & orchestra

(mar solo & orch: 2/2/O/3 – 2/0/0 – 13 strings ) (20’)

(CD original version & CDR+revised)

Commissioned by Johan Huys for The Week of Contemporary


Dedicated to Bob Van Sice

Reduction for marimba and piano published by HRDSCR

Editions Available on CD: Marimba concertos, Etcetera KTC


Symphonies & miscellaneous orchestral/large ensemble pieces.


City Rounds (2020)

(2ob cl bcl 2bsn trp 6perc vib mar hrp pno bass gtr strings

(without vla) (23’)

(based on ‘Low-key music’ and 1 fragment of ‘Double Takes’)

Commissioned by Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en

Dans van Vilvoorde

on the occasion of its 100th anniversary (1922-2022)

Dedicated to Krisiten Ceuppens.

T.a.n.s.t.a.a.f.l. (2019)

(ob-2rec-cl- 2vl-vla-vcl-db-vib-mar-hrp 2trb-btrb) (40’)

(contains fragments of Code buster – Totu su mundo – Säulen

der Stille – Comeback quartet – Yearning yarn)

Commissioned by Veerle Simoens for Flanders Festival Ghent

First performance 14 September 2019

Casco Phil conducted by Benjamin Haemhouts

Suite Paternelle (2014)

Suite from Paternel

For English Horn & sinfonietta (fl clr bsn hrn trp pno harp

strings) (13’)

Commisioned by Eva Debruyne

Suite Paternelle (2014)

Suite from Paternel

For Oboe & sinfonietta (fl clr bsn hrn trp pno harp strings


Commissioned by Acorde Kade Deinze

Festive piece for Lier (2013)

Strings ensemble (2ʹ)

Commissioned by Wim Meuris for Kortjakje

IKS IKS (2013)

(string orchestra with two added young students parts) (4’30”)

Commissioned by Wim Meuris for Kortjakje

Noite inquieta a monodrama (2012)|

(text: Pessoa ‘Livro do desassossego’)

Libretto Frank Nuyts)

(mezzo sopr. strings) (45′)

Commissioned by Veerle Van Gorp and Wim Meuris for the

string ensemble Amadeus Dedicated to Gerda Dendooven

Tribal Triads (2011) (3rd suite of Bekket (14ʹ)


Commissioned by Utrecht Blaas Ensemble

Composed for Katerina Konstantourou (piano) and Nikos


5th Symphony ‘fetish’ (2009)

For sinfonietta

(fl-ob-cl-bsn-hrn-trp-trb-perc-pno-hrp-voice-2vl-vla-vcl-db) (30’)

Commissioned by Raf De Keninck for Emanon Ensemble

Dedicated to Anthony Fiumara

Available on CD: Fetish, Vanderkrieken Classics, VDKC13001

De Vlaamse Leeuw – K. Miry (Bewerking F. Nuyts) (2009)

Violen, altviolen, celli, 2

vibra en 2 piano’s. Commissioned by HoGent.

De Brabançonne – F Van Campenhout (Bewerking F. Nuyts) (2009)

Violen, altviolen, celli, 2 vibra en 2 piano’s. Commissioned by


X-Raying my Radio (2008)

“the Volharding version”

Arrangement of ‘Mock-up Rock’ for pno solo

(fl-3sax-1hrn-3trp-3trb-pno-(e)bass) (12ʹ)

Commissioned for ‘De Volharding’ bij Anthony Fiumara see

also Cross-over ensembles

The Abduction of the East (2006)

(Bas-Baritone and ensemble) (35ʹ)

(fl clar/bclar hrn harp pno vl vla vcl db)

(text: various authors and Philippe Blasband)

Commissioned by Spectra Ensemble Published by Music

Production Hoeflich

Dedicated to Philippe Blasband

Brandgang (4th Symphony) (2005)

(2 2 2 2 – 4 2 2 1 – timp – 2 perc – strings) ( 35ʹ)

commissioned by Filharmonie Antwerpen and EnsembleLeporello and Zonzo

Third part separately: Dances from ‘Firetrail’ (3’)

Dedicated to Yves Senden & Leen De Lanoo

Voortbestaan (2005)

For: fl – picc – ob – cl – bcl – bssn – 2hrn F – Tr – Trb – perc – db – pno (2’10)

Integrated in the 5th symphony

Different from habit (2004)


(3 2 3 2 – 4 2 2 1 – 3 perc – strings) (13’30”) Commissioned by

Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen

Dedicated to Claire Tillekaerts

Low-key music (2004)

(large ensemble)

1(also pic) 03(3=bcl) 0 0110 2mar 1perc solo string-5


published by Music Production Hoeflich

Commissioned by Daniel Gazon

Dedicated to Jan & Annemie Vanacker-Lodewyck

(see also City Rounds)

Kicking the brass monkeys (2002)

(brass band) (10’)

Commissioned by Paul Voet for ‘Brass Band Panta Rhei Gent’

With the aid of the Flemish Government Dedicated to Eddy Becquart

Living between Big Bangs (2002)

(16 perc – 4 vocal – 2010 ssax 2as ts bs 0211 euph) (12’)

Commissioned by Royal Conservatory Ghent for opening Karel

Miry Hall

Dedicated to Koen Verhofstadt and Florence Roelant also

version for percussion only (27 players)

Kaleidoscope (2002)

(string orchestra or 5 solo strings) (8’)

(composed in collaboration with Dirk Brossé)

Commissioned by Vormelek

Third Symphony (1997)

(0201 2000 strings) (16’)

Commissioned by Dirk Vermeulen for Prima la Musica

Dedicated to Luk Vaes & Bonny-Kate Anthony

Hard Scores for Orchestra (1996)

(vib – mar- pno solo 2 2(also Eh) 2(also bcl)2 222tb timp 4

perc ) (14’)

Commissioned by VRT Orchestra

Dedicated: Part 1 to Iris De Blaere, Part 2 to Patrick Steyaert,

Part 3 to Peter Van Laerhoven.

Symphonie 2 “Wal” (1993 )

(sop solo – pno solo 3/3/3/3 4/2/3/1 timp 2perc strings (35’)

(text: Frans Thooft)

Commissioned by De Bijloke Ghent

Dedicated to Joris De Zutter

When the tombs of brass are spent (1991)

(mar – EPno/synth – Drumcomputer– Brass ensemble ) (12’)

Commissioned by Dirk Brossé for the Brass ensemble of the

Conservatory Ghent

Dedicated to Michael Palin

A symphony of scraps (1988)

for orchestra

(4333 42232 timp 3perc pno strings) (17’)

Commissioned by Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

Rastapasta (1986)

(fl – 8 vl – 2 vla – 2 vlc – 1db) (4’)

Dedicated to Herman Sabbe

Squib (1985) for sinfonietta

(fl ob cl bsn hrn trp trb perc pno harp 2 vl vla vcl db) (10’)

Commissioned by Mark Michael Desmet for De Nieuwe

Muziekgroep Dedicated to Johan Huys

Sonivers II:Inmediaciones del noche…(1980)

(fl – sopr – speaker – tape & ensemble: fl cl bcl hrn vib perc

pno 2vl vcl db) ) (45’)

Text: Pablo Neruda and Paul Eluard

Selected for International

Composer’s Rostrum by Karel Goeyvaerts

Commissioned by the radio BRT III

Alsof de hand nooit meer weggaat (1979)

2fl Ob d’am cl bcl bsn hrn trp trb asax 2perc strings (11’)

Winner of Tenuto contest for composition BRT

Chili 1973 (1976-1977)

Orchestration for big ensemble of Alejándome del camino