Ontbreekwoorden (2023)

for speaker, fl (ad lib same person),mar, pno,db. (± 23′)

Commissioned by Les nièces de Diderot

Dedicated to Saskia Goethals

Prompts and happenstances (2023)

for reed quintet (ob,cl,a-sax,b-cl,bsn) (10′)

dedicated to Andy Dhondt and Jef Neve

composed for ‘Breathe’

Rastapasta (2022)

for quintet (vla,vlc,db,hrp & pro) (3’33”)

arrangement for Extended Music Collective

Taking Till’s measure(s) (2019)

(cl-bsn-hrn-vl-db) (17-18’)

Commissioned for and dedicated to Oxalys

Sacha (2010)

For ensemble and slides

(clar&s/a/t sax-s/t/b-trb-pno-perc-el.bass&keynote slides)


(drawings by Charles Berberian)

Commissioned by Ensemble Klang & Transit Festival Leuven

De Trouw van Mira en Miro, (2009)

Een straatopera (libretto (Dutch) Frank Nuyts)

(mezzo-baritone-vl-clar-bsn) (12’)

Commissioned by vzw MiraMiro Dedicated to Fabien Audooren

Bekket 2nd suite (2007)

(cl, vlc, pno, mar & perc (1 player)) (7’30)

Commissioned by Tamara Cuypers and Tom Landschoot

Tripping fyfes (1997)

(recorder quartet and perc) (12’)

Commissioned by Tomma Wessel for Carré and Michael Weilacher

Dedicated to William Ploegaert and Ingrid Antheunis

Fast Wood quintet (1994)

(woodwindquintet) (5’)

Commissioned by De Vooruit Art Center Ghent

Written for Ensemble Impromptu

Schlemozzle ((1992)

(5 perc) (4’)

Dedicated to Hec Leemans & Marie-Jeanne Published by HRDSCR Editions

And spring ran cold forever (1992)

(woodwind quintet) (11’)

Commissioned by Quintessens

Dedicated to Jo Degroote & Diederik Degryse

Crack-time (1988)

(pno – 4 perc ) (5’)

Dedicated to Pol Friant

A las nueve de la noche (1975)

For fl – 2vl – vlc and pno.

Integrated in Sonivers II