Ontbreekwoorden (2023)

for speaker, fl (ad lib same person),mar, pno,db. (± 23′)

Commissioned by Les nièces de Diderot

Dedicated to Saskia Goethals

Lawless Lowness (2022)

Subtitle: Sputtering eights

For woodwind quartet (clan – bass clar – bassoon –


commissioned by HaftCraft

Dedicated to Régis Dragonetti

Niet menselijk (2020)

(voc – guit – bass- drums)

Composed for Maï Nuyts and Jan Vanhoutteghem

Comeback Quartet (2017)

(string quartet) (19ʹ-20ʹ)

Commissioned by and dedicated to headliner for Voorwaarts

Maart Festival 2018

NOTE: the actual performance of this piece must be delayed

until 2033

The Trances (2006)

(4 perc) (14ʹ)

Commissioned by Mark Dekaere for Transit festival

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Bekket: 2nd suite (2007)

(cl, vlc, pno, mar & perc (1 player) (7’30)

Dedicated to Táman Trio

Available on CD: Bajadillas, Kokopelli projects, FERM 0901

Low-key quartet (2006)

Arrangement of Empty music

(4 perc) (10’)

Published by HRDSCR Editions

SMS (2001)

A joint composition with Boudewijn Buckinx

for 3 recorders and violoncello

Composed for APSARA

Dedicated to Koen Vandyck

Nocturne and Romance: Dimitri Shostakowitch – Frank Nuyts


Arranged for 3 recorders and cello

Claus harmonieën (1992)

(text Hugo Claus) (sop – fl – vcl – pno) (9’)

Dedicated to Martine DE Groote & Rik Lemaître

Quadramania (1991)

(4 trp ) (12’)

Part 1 dedicated to Luc Brewaeys, Part 2 dedicated to Frans

Geysen, Part 3 dedicated to Dirk Brosse

Available on CD: only Theban Rock, Flanders Trumpet

Quartet, Contrumporary FTQ001

Euphonic Movements (1986)

(2 pno – 2perc ) (11’)

Commissioned by Stedelijke Academie Deinze

Öde (1985)

(For fl – clar – sax(Es) & timp) Dedicated to Barbara Buckinx

Also a version for sax(Es) & timpani

Also a version for vla & pno

Also a version for piano solo

Available on CD: Champ de Bataille, PKP producties, PKP 003

Suite I. Strawinsky (Bewerking Frank Nuyts) (1985)

(Fl – Clar – sax – timp )

Savannah (1982)

(hrn – fl – 2 perc ) (5’)

Dedicated to Karel Goeyvaerts

La sale mère, le boeuf et le crampon (1981)

(sax quartet ) (13’)

Commissioned by Willy Demey for Brussels Saxophone