The Gilbreth patterns (2024)

(marimba and piano) (19′)

Dedicated to Daan Bauwens

Composed for Iris De Blaere & Frank Nuyts

The Seccotine Papers (2024)

(Vla – Pno) (23′)

Dedicated to and composed for Roland and Florian Peelman.

Resonance of live (2023)

(Ob – Pno) (3’15”)

Dedicated to Guy Coolen

Composed for Piet Van Bockstal and Gabi Sultana

3 4 2 (2023)

(Ob -Vcl) (7′)

Dedicated to Lena Jooris

Nuanced gravity (2022)

Lyrics by Laurence Servaes

(sop – pno) (5’30”)

Commissioned by Laurence Servaes

Dedicated to Pieter Lembrechts

Drawing up (2022)

Adapted from a song from Carbon Fixation

(sop – pno) (7’30”)

Two dolphins crashing a beach party (2022)

(2mar) (6’30)

An arrangement of ‘Two whales crashing a beach party for 2

electric basses

Suite paternelle (2022)

(Mar and pno)

This piece is based on arias of the chamber opera ‘Paternel’

Double, double, toil and trouble (2021)

(2 oboe players) (25’-26’)

Composed for Piet Van Bockstal & Kristien Ceuppens

Dedicated to Luc Zeebroek & Kathy Van Geuchte.

A whistleblower’s tale (2021)

(Fl – harp) (8’30”)

Composed for Stef Van Vynckt and Nathalie Van Meirvenne

Dedicated to Arielle Valibouse

Two whales crashing a beach party (2020)

(2 electric basses)

Composed for Stijn Deldaele Dedicated to Robert Groslot

Covid -19 arrangements (2020)

Bella ciao (Italian traditional) for marimba and piano

Corona Walz for marimba and piano

Danse Rituelle de feu (M. De Falla) for marimba and piano

Don’t stand so close to me (Sting) for marimba and piano

Every breath you take (Sting) for marimba and piano

Every little thing she does is magic (Sting) for marimba and


I wish you heaven (Prince) for marimba and piano

Walking on the moon (Sting) for marimba and piano

The shadow twins (2019)

(hrp-pno) (14’)

Commissioned by Stef Van Vynckt

Dedicated to Annemieke Elst and Joris Blanckaert

(Candle) Light Music (2018)

recorder(s) & harpischord (14’)

Commissioned by Tomma Wessel & Guy Penson

Dedicated to Geert Riem

Trip the light fantastic (2018)

Concertino for (young) mar solo & pno reduction (see also

orchestra page) (7’)

Commissioned by Acorde Kade Deinze

A Walk with a friend (2018)

For mar & electronic piano (or piano) (13’)

Dedicated to Petra Deltour & Joost Van Damme

Säulen der Stille (2018)

(2 tenor recorders) (11’)

Composed and commissioned for/by Apsara duo

Dedicated to Bart Vanreusel and Erica Van de Reyde

They could see no shadow (2018)

(vcl&pno) (25’)

Commissioned by Tom Landschoot & Liang-yu Wang

Dedicated to Joris Van Vinckenroye

Moody Walks in a city park (2018)

(pno 4 hands) (14′)

Commissioned by Luc Va, Loo

(partial transcription of ‘Sacha’)

Impossible (2018) (3’)

For voice and piano

Text: Cesário Verde

Dedicated to Marleen Denaeyer

Hmm… (2017)

(sop & keyboard) (17ʹ)



Laugh Sigh


lyrics: Frank Nuyts

Dedicated to Tine Wyns & Dirk Ooms (performance


Four Middle East Songs (2016)

(high voice & pno) (15ʹ)

(text: Philippe Blasband)

Dedicated to Els Cooman en Paul van Os

Four Middle East Songs (English version)
(bass & pno) (15ʹ)

(text: Philippe Blasband)

Dedicated to Els Cooman en Paul van Os

First performance Canberra International Music Festival

(Birch (bass) – Peelman (pno)

Bare Beats (2015)

(Etude for Snare drum & Piano) (3’)

Dedicated to Wim Konink)

Moody Walks (2015)

(pno 4 hands) (14ʹ)

Commissioned by Luc Van Loo

(partial transcription of ‘Sacha’)

Suite Paternelle (2014)

Suite from Paternel (EH pno ) 13’) or

(Ob pno) (13’)

Couple dances (2013)

(bclar vln) (4’30”)

(arr. of Arabian night and Miro’s Aria)

Commissioned by Kris Deprey

Dedicated to Veerle Van Gorp and Kris Deprey

Réconciliation et amour (2013)

For high voice and piano

Vocalise, adaptée d’un. Aria de l’opéra de chambre (Middle

East) (3’20) Dedicated to Laurence Servaes

Leaving (from Bekket) (2012)

(arr. for flute and pno) (5’45”) Commissioned by Frederik


Dedicated to Birgit Van Cleemput

Up to scratch (2012)

(arr. for flute and pno) (6’15”)

Commissioned by Frederik Martens

Dedicated to Daan Janssens

Sacha (2010)

version for piano 4 hands (and slides ad lib) (12’30”)

Composed for Tae Yoshioka and Marc Masson Text and

drawings by Charles Berberian Dedicated to Leah Hausman.

Up to scratch (2009)

5 pieces for violin and piano (12’) (1989-2009)

Commissioned by Claudia Ibarra

Dedicated to Daan Janssens

Arabische nacht

(for narrator and piano) (tot. dur. 75’)

(text: R. Schimmelpfennig)

Commissioned by Dirk Opstaele for Ensemble Leporello

De Wijdere Wereld van Water (The Wider World of Water) (2008)

a recitativo accompagnato (for narrator and pno)

(text: Dirk Opstaele) (25ʹ)

Commissioned by Ensemble Leporello

Ver weg herfst (3’30) (2008)

For mezzo sopraan and piano, integrated in the 5th Symphony

Text: Boudewijn Buckinx

Dedicated to Anthony Fiumara

3 pieces from Bekket: (2007)

(pno) (15ʹ)

Published by HRDSCR Editions

3 songs from Bekket (2007)

(high voice and pno) (10ʹ)

published by HRDSCR Editions

Adam & Arnold (2005)

(org – perc) (12ʹ)

Commissioned by Yves Senden

Dedicated to Roland Peelman & Thomas Jones

Busyness as usual (2002)

(cl – pno) (15’)

Commissioned by Van Oosthuysen Eddy

With the aid of the Flemish Government

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Dedicated to Jef & marleen Delewijns-Vermassen

Available on CD: Bajadillas, Kokopelli projects, FERM 0901

Re: Birth (2002)

(pno 4 hands) (3’)

Dedicated to Dirk Brossé

Powerline (2001)

(perc – pno) (6’)

Commissioned by Axion (Belfius)

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Dedicated to Maarten Quaghebeur and Jeroen Vereecke

Boyhood’s end (1998)

(text: Frank Nuyts)

(tenor – pno – tape ad lib) (±25’)

Composed for Iris De Blaere and Philippe Defrancq

Dedicated to Daniel Gazon

Swift Songs (1997)

(sop – clar – pno) (11’30’’)

(text: Jonathan Swift)

Commissioned by Levente Kende, Bernadette Degelin, Walter


Available on CD: Bajadillas, Kokopelli projects, FERM 0901

Sex, age and aria for a sexagenarian. (1996)

For snare drum, piano and tape

Dedicated to Claude A. Coppens

Cocopolo (1995)

( rec – pno) (5’)

Commissioned by Tomma Wessel and Geert Logghe

Dedicated to Tomma Wessel

Updated memories (1995)

(mar – pno) (20’)

Commissioned by André Posman for De Rode Pomp

Dedicated to Elke and Paul Busselen

Published by HRDSCR Editions

3 Liederen uit “Ga.n”

(high voice – pno) (20’)

Tohuwabohu (1994)

(rec – pno) (5’) 1d

Commissioned by Tomma Wessel and Geert Logghe

Dedicated to Tomma Wessel

What poor an instrument may do a noble deed (1990)

(perc – pno ) (8’)

Commissioned by Gemeentekrediet België

Dedicated to Peter Greenaway

Quirks (1989)

(version for 2 pno’s) (12’)

Prince’s Pride (1989)

For young percussionist and piano (1’30)

(see also Quirks)

Water Music (1989)

(sop – mar ) (12’)

Text: C. Boyle

Commissioned by Bob Van Sice

Dedicated to Helen Mirren

Woodnotes (1987)

Concerto for marimba

Reduction for marimba & piano

Commissioned by Conservatory Ghent for Week van de

Hedendaagse Muziek Published by HRDSCR Editions

Give me your bunch of fives (1987)

(2 mar or 3 mar ) (7’)

Commissioned by Robert Van Sice

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Available on CD: Give me your bunch of fives, Musica Mundi,



(2 keyb or mel.inst.- bass inst. – keyb ) (4’)

Dedicated to Herman Sabbe

Available on CD: Sonatas & Prelude, Etcetera, KTC 1291

Cloudscapes II (1986)

(pno – mar ) (14’)

Commissioned by Bob Van Sice

Sehnen (1985)

(vl – vcl ) or (2 vle) (5’)

Commissioned by Boudewijn Buckinx

Dedicated to Helga Wähdel und Barbara Brauckmann

Öde (1985)

(For fl – clar – sax(Es) & timp) Dedicated to Barbara Buckinx

Also a version for sax(Es) & timpani

Also a version for vla & pno

Also a version for piano solo

Available on CD: Champ de Bataille, PKP producties, PKP 003

Philtre (1984)

(fl – db ) (5’)

Dedicated to Kathy & Eric Dequeker

Pete’s Waltz (1984)

For sax and drum

Vol au vent (1984)

(tub – pno or bcl – pno ) (3’) Dedicated to Frans Geysen.

Revised version in 2020 for flute, bassoon and double bass

3 pieces from ‘Musiques d’enfants’ op. 65

S Prokofiev (Bewerking F. Nuyts) (1984) For flute and Double


Sprint (1983)

(perc – pno ) (5’)

Commissioned by duo Roland Peelman-Frank Nuyts

Dedicated to Boudewijn Buckinx

Savannah (1983)

(hrn – fl – 2 perc ) (5’)

Commissioned by Membra

Bombos del sol (1983)

(2 perc ) (10’)

Commissioned by Lemaire (animation film for Pen Film)

Dedicated to Marc Lambert

Available on CD: Konink & Andriessen Notes 94, Walpurgis

Records, WPR 007

From Ipem with love (1980)

(a.sax or b.sax– tape ) (10’)

Dedicated to Joëlle Servaes & Kamagurka

Methuna (1978)

(a.sax – pno – tape ) (10’)

Commissioned by Ludwig Delecluyse also version for clarinet

Hommage à… (1978)

(fl – perc ) (12’)

Commissioned by Rien De Reede

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Revised version in 2002 commissioned by Duo XXI, flute part

edited by Elke Tierens

Alejándome del camino (1976)

(fl – pno ) (7’)

Commissioned by Eric Dequeker and Roland Peelman

Dedicated to Eric Dequeker

2 little pieces for piano 4hands (1976)

Dedicated to Gerd Wille and Alfonso Medinilla.

5 Preludes for weathered Stones (1975)

(ob – pno) (6’)

commissioned by Piet Van Bockstal for Paul Belaerts, Piet Van

Boxstal, Joost Gils, Bram Nolf & Katrijn


Dedicated to Roland Peelman

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Weemoed (1974)

(vl-pno) (2’)

Published by HRDSCR Editions (on request of Paul Klinck)

Also a version for marimba & pno

Available on CD: Chant d’amour, PKP productions, PKP 002